Creative Design Process

A little about my creative process when commissioned to do graphic design work.

  • Creative Brief
    After first meeting with a new client, I like to have them fill out a Creative Brief form that I send them by email. This gives me valuable information about their company and their needs that I refer to as I develop their designs.
  • Proposal/Estimate/Terms/Print Quotes
    This is where I present my proposal to you for your projects. I include an estimate, terms & conditions and print quotes, if needed. 
  • Research/Design Trends/Concept
    After agreeing to the above, I begin my research on your competitors and design trends in your specific field in an effort to develop a solution that is unique for your needs. I begin concepting ideas at this point.
  • Comps
    Develop comps (rough drafts) and present them, usually by email as lo-res PDFs.
  • Revisions
    This is where we have up to 3 revision cycles. You will be heavily involved in proofing copy message and spelling, color, fonts, sizes, etc. in order to come to a final approval to send your jobs to print.
  • Final Artwork
    I present the final artwork by disc and email as a Print Ready PDF, unless another format was otherwise agreed upon.
  • Print –
    Either I can do this for you through my vendor, or you can have this done yourself through your own vendors using the final artwork files I presented to you previously.
I hope you find this helpful! Please feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions!

2 Responses

  1. Nice steps, keep up with the good work!

  2. Thank you! These steps came through trial and error and much consideration!

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