The Trials of Being a Woman


Interesting article on plastic surgery & how it relates to fashion today…Perk & Work –
(Linking isn’t working on my blog for some reason lately…uggh)

Fashion designers now design for augmented bodies. Great! More pressure to go under the knife….sigh. Will there ever come a time again that celebrates a real woman’s beauty without her feeling that she has to have the smallest waistline, the largest breasts and the tightest, little bodies in order to be considered pretty? I find it disturbing that the trend is to have SURGERY in order to feel good about oneself. Let’s celebrate ourselves as we are…real, natural, and beautiful regardless of what the media dictates to us!


3 Responses

  1. Scary to think that augmented figures are going to be the norm, but ultimately, the test of what is right or wrong when making a decision to augment is to do it for yourself, not because of fashion or other exterior forces. If you are happy with yourself but just happen to want breast augmentation, then no harm no foul; you should have the procedure. To some extent, it may be that psych testing would ensure that people were doing it for the right reasons. For instance prior to undergoing gastric bypass, psych testing is required to make sure that you will be able to comply with the program. Ultimately though, each person knows why they decide to undergo an augmentation, and they should ask themselves if the augmentation is being done for themselves or not.

  2. Thanks for your thought provoking response. Psych testing would be interesting for sure. And I do agree that it is a personal decision for each individual and am all for women doing what they need to in order to feel good about themselves.

    I just worry that plastic surgery might become a necessity for every woman instead of an option. I already feel under pressure to get work done.

  3. Also, if clothing companies are not designing for natural bodies anymore, one would almost be forced to have plastic surgery in order to look good in everyday clothes. I already notice this with tops & dresses. They don’t seem to make much anymore for women who need to wear bras (have natural breasts).

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