About Stacie

Graphic Designer. Photography fanatic. Golden Rule observer. Mother of an extremely cool, guitar playing young man. Slave to Mazzy, the sweetest little Maltese mix you’ll ever meet.

This site offers a little glimpse into my professional creative life. Please use the page navigations to the right to view samples of my graphic design + photography work. Click “Stacie Frazier” at the top to get back to the home page.

For inquiries on freelance design or photography, please email me at stacie.d.frazier@gmail.com.

Personal blog (Lemonade) can be found here.

Read about my Creative Design Process HERE.

About Working with Graphic Designers


“Bridging the gap between pure creativity and intelligent, thoughtful process, Stacie is exactly the designer I’d been searching nearly four months for to bring onto our team. With a sinuous yet keen use of type, image and layout to produce persuasive marketing materials, Stacie’s style is crisp, clear, and engaging. Equal to her design talent is Stacie’s unwavering commitment to improving her technique, knowledge and contributions on a daily basis. What I find most inspiring about Stacie, however, is her creative pursuits outside of work. An avid photographer and design practitioner, it seems apparent to me that design isn’t simply something Stacie does for a living—she actually lives design! As a team player, Stacie has already shown potential as a project creative lead. I could not be more pleased to work with such a gifted professional as Stacie.”

April 25, 2008 Arnold Dela Cruz, Print Design Manager, The Selling Source

“I have known Stacie for several years, and have watched her grow tremendously within her profession. She handles all her projects with great attention to detail, with a positive problem solving attitude, and with style and flare. Her design and creative skill sets are outstanding. Stacie would be a great asset to any creative team.”

January 10, 2008 Jason Richard, Senior Interactive Art Director at Dailey & Associates

“I had the opportunity to view and watch Stacie create at Canyon Ranch and for other clients. Her intuitive skills are amazing. She’s very thorough and brings a unique and fresh approach to her projects. She’s a consummate professional, dedicated to her work/reputation, and incredibly flexible to work with. I plan to continue to recommend her to clients and use her skills in the future.”

September 15, 2008, Micah Johnson, CEO, Entegy Group – MediaStars International


“I’m so amazed by your work, you inspire me on so many diferent levels. Thank you for making me feel beautiful.” ~ Meghan O.

“Just wanted to tell you how beautiful the pictures of my 2 little princess’s came out, they had so much fun too!! we will be contacting you soon to get some prints!!!” ~Josephine

“I got my prints back today and am taking them to the Agent. Thank you for getting this together with me. Your pictures were sooooo good. I can’t wait to start getting work.” ~Brian

“I wanted to take a quick second this morning and say thank you for (boudoir shoot) yesterday.  It was a wonderful experience for me. You made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.  I will be recommending you to all of my girlfriends and guy friends too!” ~Boudoir Client

6 Responses

  1. coooool , nice to meet ya 😉

  2. Nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I like you work so much, keep with the good work!

  4. Thanks Hisham!

  5. your website isn’t right click protected this is why your images are getting taken.

  6. Not sure which images you are talking about, but on my main website gallery, they are right-click protected. But, that doesn’t make a difference anyway, since people can take screenshots of anything they see on the internet.

    I tire easily of hearing how it is the photographers fault for their images being stolen. Would it also be an artists fault for hanging a painting in a gallery if someone walked away with it?

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