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Sweet Engagement Story
April 8, 2009

I love hearing how couples became engaged…especially when the husband really planned out something special. Jessica Claire’s engagement story is really sweet. Read about here. Jessica, by the way, is one of my favorite wedding photographers.

(images by Michael Norwood)


Company is Coming Today!
April 3, 2009

I’m so excited….my boyfriend Joe’s daughter is coming later today all the way from Florida. I finally get to meet her! Whenever we have guests or host an event of sorts at home, I like to have fresh flowers and a little gift basket with goodies & necessities (toiletries, magazines, chocolate bar, etc) next to their bed. For this occassion, I thought gerber daisies would be perfect…especially on the nightstand in the room she will be sleeping in.


Backyard Blossoms
March 13, 2009



I love when I start seeing the trees blossoming around town, getting ready for Spring! I am not a winter type of person, and am anxious for warmer weather. The blossoming trees are always a welcoming sign for me. What’s your favorite season?

Photo Retouching
March 5, 2009


I often get asked the question, “Do you retouch the images?” 

My answer to that is ABSOLUTELY! Digitally retouching the images adds a bit of magic to them. Retouching not only enhances your beauty but also reduces imperfections. We are flooded with retouched images of perfection on a daily basis by the media. I’ve met many celebrities and believe me, they never look as good in person as they do on the cover of your favorite magazine. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to see themselves this way too! I do not believe in HEAVY retouching though. I want the real YOU to shine through loud and clear. I will smooth your skin until it’s nice and glowy, remove stray hairs, help you lose a pound or two (digitally), make the colors pop, perfect your makeup, etc.

I will post some examples of before and after shots of my work one day soon, but in the meantime check out this video by Dove that depicts some of the process, although it is a bit of an extreme example.

Lift Me Up – Intimate Event
February 28, 2009

Thought this event at Saks Fifth Avenue might be of interest for some of my Vegas boudoir vixens or those of you thinking of doing a shoot. But, nice, well-fitted lingerie is a must regardless of doing a boudoir shoot.


Thursday, March 19 through Saturday, March 21 from 10 to 6
Intimates on Two
Saks Fifth Avenue invites you to the Lift Me Up Intimate Event.    

Join us to achieve the “right lift” with our foundations and shape wear.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 702.940.1329.

‘Suite’ Shoot a Smashing Success!
February 22, 2009

Just wanted to say thank you to the beautiful ladies who took advantage of my day of boudoir shooting on Friday! Everyone was so much fun and I really enjoyed working with you all! Pictures coming soon…

‘Suite’ Boudoir Shoot
February 12, 2009


I’m lining up an awesome day of boudoir shooting for Friday, February 20th in a super stylish and have a few openings left. Anyone interested? I am doing them for a very reasonable rate in order to help build my portfolio. Please leave a comment if you are interested and I will get back to you shortly.

GUYS: This would also make a great gift to present to give to your sweetheart. Hook her up with a photo session that will make her feel special and that you will end up enjoying too!

Valentine’s Day or Boudoir Shoot Lingerie
January 30, 2009

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I thought I would share some sweet looks in lingerie that would double nicely as a gift but would also look lovely for a boudoir photo shoot! For boudoir shoots I recommend COLOR, bright, beautiful color. If you must do black, try to make it interesting, by selecting something with unusual details.

Agent Provocateur has long been a favorite of mine. Their items are a little less frilly and sexy in a more grown-up way than other lingerie collections I have come across.





La Perla has some sexy, unusual collections right now too.


And if you are looking for FUN, look no further than Trashy Lingerie! They have some of the cutest looks imaginable!




They also have sexy shoes, which are super important for your boudoir session!



Happy 2009!
January 7, 2009


Testing some of the new lighting equipment I got for Christmas. Really excited about what this will mean for my photography in the coming year. Hopefully lots of new things in store…

Happy New Year everyone!

Holiday Creativity
October 27, 2008

On occasion a designer just has to find a different kind of release for all that creativity…preferably away from the computer. The holidays are always a perfect opportunity for this! So, yesterday, Joe and I carved pumpkins! Next time, I want to use the carving tools they sell specifically for this. It was a little difficult using a kitchen knife…but, still so much fun!