The Trials of Being a Woman

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Interesting article on plastic surgery & how it relates to fashion today…Perk & Work –
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Fashion designers now design for augmented bodies. Great! More pressure to go under the knife….sigh. Will there ever come a time again that celebrates a real woman’s beauty without her feeling that she has to have the smallest waistline, the largest breasts and the tightest, little bodies in order to be considered pretty? I find it disturbing that the trend is to have SURGERY in order to feel good about oneself. Let’s celebrate ourselves as we are…real, natural, and beautiful regardless of what the media dictates to us!


Trend: Tendertone Makeup by M·A·C

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M·A·C Backstage Trend Update: Tendertone. “Tender tones, leached out shades, ice cream scoops of colour. All applied playfully – as if this were your first makeup ever. What’s key, the colour contrasts and how fresh they appear – as a sheer wash, a fabulous cloud of fairy dust…”
I could see this makeup look with crimped hair…a fun, fantasy sort of look!

On My Calendar

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Some fun photoshoots are on the horizon. I have a high school senior shoot this weekend that should be a LOT of fun and then in April I have 4 exciting Boudoir Shoots scheduled…2 Mary Ann’s & 2 Ginger’s!

Greeting Cards

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When giving boudoir photos as a gift to the special man in your life, how about using one of these hot and hip greeting cards to go along with your present? Made by the oh-so-fabulous, Jennifer Ramos of MadeByGirl fame, these sexy cards are sure to be a hit!

Introducing My Boudoir Packages

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The Mary Ann

On-Site Boudoir Session

1 1/2 hour photo session in the comfort of your own home. This session includes phone or email consultation with photographer, 3 looks (settings & outfits), our own private online proofing gallery of all images with basic editing and web-ready (not suitable for print & includes watermark) teaser image with full retouching.


The Ginger

Luxury Suite Boudoir Session  
Feel like a Hollywood starlet for the day with this 2 hour photo session that takes place in a modern, stylish hotel suite. This session includes phone or email consultation with photographer, 3 looks (settings & outfits), our own private online proofing gallery of all images with basic editing and web-ready (not suitable for print & includes watermark) teaser image with full retouching. You will also receive one DVD Slideshow (so you can star in your own movie!) with 10 retouched images of your choice. This session is a favorite amongst clients. 
* Hair & Makeup is not included with either package but can be arranged with advance notice and is very much recommended. 

*Non-refundable deposit required to reserve your appointment.

Products (sold separately):

  • Prints – varied sizes and prices. Choose from professional photo paper or (my favorite) metallic paper
  • 12 Month Calendar (12 fully retouched images with custom page designs and highlighted dates of interest)
  • DVD Slideshow (15 fully retouched images in your own DVD slideshow with the song of your choice and sexy movie intro)
  • Luxurious Leather Album (20 fully retouched images with custom page designs) Various album sizes, cover colors and cover materials are available upon request
  • Canvas Prints (various sizes and prices)
  • *Note: All products include full retouching to selected images.

    Reasons to Schedule a Boudoir Shoot

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    • makes a great gift for a new bride to present to her groom on their wedding night
    • to give as a first anniversary ‘paper’ gift
    • you need a boost to your self confidence
    • you want to see yourself in a new light
    • you want ‘him’ to see you in a new light
    • you have been working out faithfully and want to reward yourself
    • you need a little adventure in your life
    • you deserve to feel pampered and pretty

    Book Recommendation for Women

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    The Lingerie Handbook
    by Rebecca Apsan with Sarah Stark
    “How lucky we are that Rebecca Apsan is sharing her expertise and enthusiasm. I love how she celebrates women’s bodies and brings out the little flirt in each of us.”—Cindy Crawford

    Available via Amazon

    Video from Valley of Fire

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    Click screenshot of video above to watch the video via Vimeo.

    Valley of Fire

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    Joe and I had such a blast yesterday. We went for a drive out to Valley of Fire and just goofed off for the afternoon. The weather was gorgeous and the scenery quite impressive!

    Dinner in the Sky

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    Looking for something new to do in Vegas for fun? Maybe you should try ‘Dinner in the Sky‘ (fine dining 160-180 feet in the air). It was here for a brief time over New Year’s and now it’s back! My son, Austin worked as a waiter aboard Dinner in the Sky when it was here the last time and is working it again. That’s Austin wearing a bow-tie in the pics! I seriously do not know where he gets his bravery from….certainly not from me!

    (photos from the dinner in the sky flickr profile)