Family Fun
April 11, 2009

Such a great day yesterday! My entire family (my son Austin and my mother Judy), along with Joe and his daughter, Brittany, headed out to the Red Rock area for a picnic at Spring Mountain Ranch. We toured a ranch owned by Howard Hughes after our lunch, then headed to Bonnie Springs/Old Nevada for some wild west fun!



Dinner in the Sky
March 14, 2009




Looking for something new to do in Vegas for fun? Maybe you should try ‘Dinner in the Sky‘ (fine dining 160-180 feet in the air). It was here for a brief time over New Year’s and now it’s back! My son, Austin worked as a waiter aboard Dinner in the Sky when it was here the last time and is working it again. That’s Austin wearing a bow-tie in the pics! I seriously do not know where he gets his bravery from….certainly not from me!

(photos from the dinner in the sky flickr profile)