AIGA Poker Card Design
July 25, 2008

Awhile back I mentioned a project I was working on for the AIGA, in which I did a special photoshoot (here) and then based a design around the selected image. Well, here is the final design.


Current Design Work
July 23, 2008

Currently waiting on final approval for a logo revamp I am doing for Fiji Water. They asked me to ‘crest’ their logo to tie in to the theme of the event they are sponsoring – The Palm’s (Playboy) Midsummer Nights Dream Party. Such a fun project!

Upcoming Photo Shoots & Design Projects
July 18, 2008

Currently working on more Perfect Princess Parties projects. I am designing a brochure and a website. I’ll post the previous projects soon (business cards & flyers).

Two photo  shoots next week: Caiden (Baby) & Lauren (Boudoir ).