Dialogue for Creatives in Vegas
March 12, 2009


This Friday should be fun! I am participating in an event for the design community here in Vegas, hosted by Black Diamond Digital and Eurie Creative. They have opened up their stylish studio space for my LVGG group as well as other creatives around town.

AIGA Workshop
April 19, 2008

My picture made it into the local AIGA’s monthly e-zine this week! This was taken at their web design workshop after a very long day! The next meeting should be incredible! Ann Willoughby, President and Creative Director of Willoughby Design Group, and Starbucks’ Stanley Hainsworth will be speaking! And in June my “secret” project (involving my recent photoshoot of Meghan) will be revealed at the annual AIGA Poker Tournament.

P.S. Thats my boss Arnold sitting with me in the picture!