New Photoshoot: Kayden
May 10, 2008

What a fun, busy day! I started the morning off with a photoshoot with Steffan (images coming soon) and topped it off with a studio lighting demo with a photography group I am a member of. Special thanks to the lovely model, Kayden for being such a good sport! Isn’t she pretty?

New Website
May 8, 2008

I am so excited about my new website! So far it only shows the temporary landing page and has a link to my blog as well as a link to contact me. I am going to have to work on designing a full website soon. But, for now it serves its purpose. I created it mostly so I would have a viable option for online proofing. And, it works like a charm! What do you think? (Recent Proofing page image above.)

Business cards are next!!! Yippee!


New Look! New Direction!
May 5, 2008

Exciting things are on the horizon! My photography as mostly hobby is turning into a nice little side business. People are catching on and beginning to book appointments with me! I am one busy girl on my weekends now and LOVING it. Because of the demand, not to mention my passion for shooting pretty pictures, I have decided to focus even more on photography. I will still do freelance design when the opportunity arises and definitely will still have my day job, but I am super excited at what my future holds as, (gasp!) a photographer!

Stay tuned everybody!

In the works:
April 30, 2008

Some of the upcoming projects on my calendar include:

Photoshoot for baby Skylar – this weekend

Photoshoot for Steffan – next weekend

Marketing solutions (design) for Perfect Princess Parties – very soon!

Photoshoot for Perfect Princess Parties – pending

Also on the horizon:

Painting a mural at a local animal shelter as part of a volunteer project

Taking part in a studio lighting workshop

Looking into taking wedding photography classes/workshops