The Trials of Being a Woman
March 26, 2009


Interesting article on plastic surgery & how it relates to fashion today…Perk & Work –
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Fashion designers now design for augmented bodies. Great! More pressure to go under the knife….sigh. Will there ever come a time again that celebrates a real woman’s beauty without her feeling that she has to have the smallest waistline, the largest breasts and the tightest, little bodies in order to be considered pretty? I find it disturbing that the trend is to have SURGERY in order to feel good about oneself. Let’s celebrate ourselves as we are…real, natural, and beautiful regardless of what the media dictates to us!

Book Recommendation for Women
March 18, 2009


The Lingerie Handbook
by Rebecca Apsan with Sarah Stark
“How lucky we are that Rebecca Apsan is sharing her expertise and enthusiasm. I love how she celebrates women’s bodies and brings out the little flirt in each of us.”—Cindy Crawford

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